Shantui 604HP Bulldozer SD52

Shantui 604HP Bulldozer SD52

shantui 604Hp Bulldozer SD52

SD52-5 crawler bulldozer adopts the modular structure and many sophisticated power-conserving and sound-reduction systems, showcasing sturdy electrical power and substantial dependability. This product can adapt to more severe operation environments and is an crucial massive mechanical products for earth-transferring and stratum stripping for the assignments this kind of as mining and drinking water conservancy design.

[Product Strengths]

one.CZPT QSK19 engine attributes the advantages of ample electrical power, simple maintenances, higher combustion efficiency, and excellent environmental-friendliness and conformed to the CZPT-IIIA and China-III emission rules.  span>

2.The substantial trustworthiness energy shift transmission and the planetary gear last travel function substantial electrical power transmission effectiveness and higher sturdiness and productivity.

three.The cooling system fan speed is routinely regulated based on the engine coolant temperature to shorten the time needed for the drinking water and oil temperatures to achieve best temperature zone, minimize the vitality usage of cooling program, save much more gas, and reduce the working sound of car.

4.The substantial pressure hydraulic program properly decreases the volumes of hydraulic units, will save the utilization quantity of hydraulic oil, and eases the maintenances.

 5.The water-evidence connectors, excellent circuit protection, lifelong routine maintenance-free of charge Optima battery, and innovative motor malfunction diagnostic technology for the total equipment eliminate the difficulties arising from the malfunction of electrical technique. The air suspension traveling method always keeps the shut make contact with among observe rollers and tracks to boost the ground region of tracks and increase the traction power of the equipment.

six. K suspened floating traveling system enabkes the help wheel to constantly make contact with with the monitor so as to enhance ground area of track and enhance the traction.

seven.The complete box-type principal body with application of high efficiency materials and substantial toughness castings characteristics high carrying capacity towards affect load and bending second to assistance the ongoing large-toughness working of machine below extreme working problem and the large quality welds ensure the daily life cycle of the major frame.

eight.The heptahedron taxi offers incomparable interior room and wide visual discipline. The ergonomic soft and luxury seat and armrests can be modified very easily in vertical and longitudinal instructions. The gearshift, steering, and accelerator controls are organized on the left side and the functioning system controls are organized on the proper facet to attain lighter and far more adaptable operations and minimize the running tiredness.

nine.The standard semi-U blade features potent slicing power and can deal with all varieties of challenging working environments. The massive one-shank ripper with adjustable angle characteristics powerful penetrating drive. It can be employed not only for the ripping of clay and difficult frozen earth, but also for the stripping of tough working faces, this kind of as gravel, hardened salt mine, and rock with produced bedding.

[Relevant Functioning Situations]
The earthwork mining and rock stripping for mining and construction tasks.

[Existing sales circumstances]
As one particular of the most well-known CZPTi merchandise, this bulldozer has been marketed all above the planet. 

Merchandise SD52-5E
Performance PARAMETERS Operatiing   Fat (kg) 70630
Rated horsepower (kw/hp) 450/604(1800)
Minimal turning radius (mm) 3864/6786
Floor force (kpa) 151
Engine Product ZheJiang   CUMMINS QSK19
Emission EU   A/CHINA
Type In-line,water   cooled,4-cycles,turbocharged,aftercooled,electric management
No.of cylinders×Bore×stroke (mm×mm) 6×159mm×159mm
Piston displacement (L) 19
Horsepower/rpm (kw/rpm) 450/1800
Highest torque (N.m/r/min) 3019/1300
Proportions Duration   (mm) 10390
Width (mm) 4690
Peak (mm) 4370
Traveling Functionality Forward/Reverse   (km/h) ~eleven.8/~15.eight
Gradeability (deg) 30
Clearance (mm) 610
TRANSMISSION Torque   convertor Is made up   of a water-cooled,
    three-aspect, one-phase, one-section, torque converter with lockup clutch
    and a planetary gear, numerous-disc clutch transmission which is
    hydraulically actuated and drive-lubricated for the best possible warmth
Equipment box Planetary   gear, multi-disc clutch, electricity shift, pressured lubrication
Major push Spiral   bevel gear, splash lubrication, solitary-phase velocity reduction
Clutch Damp,   multi-disc, spring loaded, hydraulically separated, hydraulic management
Brake Damp,multi-disc,spring   loaded,hydraulically divided
Closing driver Major   spur equipment plus principal planetary equipment reducer
Steering pump  2 Equipment pump,pump1 circulation 112mL/r,pump2 stream   160mL/r
UNDERCARRIAGE Suspension Oscillating   equalizer bar and pivot shaft
Monitor gauge (mm) 2500
Shoe width (mm) 610(710/810   optional)
Track length on ground (mm) 3840
Amount of shoes (every facet) forty
Pitch (mm) 280
Provider rollers (each and every side) two
Keep track of rollers (every aspect) seven
Working HYDRAULIC Technique Functioning   pump Equipment   pump
Scavenging pump Equipment   pump
Pump of cooling technique variable   displacement piston pump, common circulation 140mL/r
Valve Multi-way   valve
Bore of blade elevate cylinder (mm) φ150
Bore of blade tilt cylinder (mm) φ225
Bore of ripper carry cylinder (mm) φ225
Bore of ripper tilt cylinder (mm) φ200
TANK Capability Gasoline   tank capacity (L) 1140
Functioning hydraulic tank capability (L) 246
Transmission hydraulic tank capability (L) 275
Functioning Products Blade   width (mm) 4690
Blade top (mm) 2250
Blade potential (m³) 18.5
Highest lifting height of ripper (mm) 1105
Greatest digging depth of ripper (mm) 1435



Shantui 604HP Bulldozer SD52


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